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I have a sweet and funny little cat and a good-lookin’ and good-cookin’ man at home and for those two things I am very thankful. Bryan made us the most delicious dinner last night - tofu, snow peas, bok choy, mushrooms, baby corn and scallions stir-fry over thai glass noodles. It was spicy and incredibly delicious. We listened to music and danced in the kitchen when I wasn’t playing with MadgiMoo. She has these little feather ball toys that she loves to attack and if you toss them up to her when she’s on her kitty perch, she will toss them off of the perch - usually right back at you. We could play this game for hours but when she slam dunks the feather ball into her “toy box” we pull out strapette and the after party starts. Yeah, it’s all fun and games at Rancho Relaxo.

Last night we determined that Madge has officially become a heater slut. It’s taken her a few years but she’s got it figured out now. For two nights in a row she’s curled up on the poof right in front of the space heater and she doesn’t move unless a pinecone falls off of the mantle (which one did last night and scared the heck out of her, poor thing). Our kitty Coco was one of the biggest heater sluts we knew but Madgi could be following in her paw prints. To her credit, it has been pretty darn cold in our house lately. I wonder what fun awaits me when I get home tonight. I’m thinking a warm bath and my good book followed by some snuggling in with my little family.

4:49 p.m. - 2006-12-06


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